Workshop: Let it GO

Release and make room for new spring energy!

Chinese medicine, Yoga and Acupuncture

All levels are welcome!



Learn more about detoxing your body

for improved overall health and to feel energyzed

and ready for spring!


12 + 11 =

It’s that time of year!


You want to clean your house, sort out your closet, go back to the gym.

We often set intentions for the New Year, but it’s actually Spring that gives us that boost to work on new things.


According to the philosophy of Chinese medicine, the liver is responsible for the smooth flowing of Qi (energy) throughout the body.

When the liver functions smoothly, physical and emotional activity throughout the body also run smoothly. 

Spring is the perfect time for cleansing and rejuvenation, for overall health and well-being.


So let’s work with our body ánd nature so we can benefit from this energy!


After this workshop:

♥ You’ll have a better understanding of how detoxing your organs works, and how this can benefit your health.

♥ You will first learn active yoga poses that help you release tension and stress, while strengthening your muscles.

♥ Improve your flexibility with passive stretches, and feel how these can help you create space in your body ánd your mind.

♥ You know wich YinYoga stretches you can do to  stimulate the Liver energy.

♥ You will feel super relaxed after the guided meditation

♥ You’ll get to experience the power of acupuncture to reactivate your energy flow and help you feel totally renewed and rebalanced.. The acupuncture is done by the professional and talented Teressa; she wil explain how the acupuncture works, wich points in your body she is going to activate and why.

♥ Because the acupuncture is done during the guided meditation, this gives you the opportunity to come to an even deeper into restorative state of relaxation.

And relaxation is important, because it allows our body to work on recovering from our actions and thoughts.

Your body will have more energy to perform necessary tasks, like digesting food, strengthening our immune system,

And of course relaxation also gives you the opportunity to welcome peace, balance and happiness!

Location and price:


The workshop will take place the 6th of May, at the lovely Beachclub Copacabana, in Scheveningen. 

There will be a delicious lunch served for us after the workshop, including sandwiches, soup, fruit, sweets, fresh juices, smoothies and hot drinks.

The costs of the workshop: € 75.

Note: When you have an additional insurance, we can make an invoice for the acupuncture part. This way you can get up to €50 (depending on your insurance) reimbursed. Please let us know if you want an invoice, so we will have it ready at the workshop.



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